Friday, 24 March 2017

What To Expect From Afro Mod Trends Show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

CEO of AfroMod Trends Ami Yomekpe was joined by Victoria Michaels on her journey to South Africa to Showcase at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017. 

The Ghanaian brand that is currently topping the headlines recently upgraded and refurbished her shop in a new location in Oxford Street, Ghana.

AfroMod is a contemporary,  contemporary, Ghanaian women's wear brand featuring ready-to-wear afro-fusion outfits and luxury bespoke garments.

The young Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur is set to shock audiences at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 with her A/W collection 'The African Gatsby'.

According to the brand "The collection represents the imagination of an African Gatsby party full of luxury, glamor and splendor set in the 1920’s but with a modern African twist. The 1920s was a time of great changes in the world of fashion for women. There was an introduction of new styles, designers, and perspectives.

With this new feeling of power, fashion became a high priority of the majority of women during the time. This era redefined womanhood and, in appearance at least, bridged the gap between rich and middle class women."

Her vision with this collection is to showcase a glamorous African woman in luxurious afro-fusion garments inspired by the Great Gatsby. With African inspired fabrics from Printex Limited, this collection shows the beauty of the feminine form with details to project its luxurious feel.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Mo-T Joins Jarred Doyle Consulting (JDC)

Jarred Doyle Consulting (JDC) is proud to announce the signing of MiCasa band member, Moshe Kgasoane. JDC will asssit Moshe Kgasoane with his public and brand relations activity. More commonly knows as MO-T, Moshe started in the popular South Africa group; MiCasa.

The band met in 2010 as has been making major strides in the music industry since conception. Mo-T was born and raised in Alexanander township in Johannesburg.

His late father,  Samson Kgasoane and Mr. Lehlara Banza Samson inspired him to get into the music industry. His instrument of choice being the Trumpet. Mo-T has been of the road to success ever since.

"I love the energy and thought JDC brings to projects and clients. the company is really Top Class and Jarred has worked with the best in the business and not in the business. He understands what a client needs and gets it done" says Mo-T on his new relationship

"I'm excited to work with aa remarkable talent such as MO-T and grateful for the opportunity.", Jarred Doyle, Director of JDC